Sunday, July 14, 2013

Software Engineers Reactions


Thank you #Brayan for sharing the content.

When I show the boss that I have finally fixed this bug

When the project manager enters the office

When I'm deploying code to production

When I try to fix a bug at 3 in the morning

When my regex returned exactly what I expected

When a friend of mine asks me to fix his website built with Joomla

When I'm told that the module on which I have worked all the week will never be used

When the code that I have not tested on dev works perfectly in production

When the sales people announce they have sold our product to the customer

When I apply a new CSS for the first time

When sysadmin finally gives us the root access

When I launch my script for the first time after several hours of development

When I go off for the weekend while everyone else is still trying to fix bugs

When the app goes into beta and the first bug reports arrive


  1. haaha... this is how i feel when some write good blog.

  2. Lols. I think those images are universal to all 'careers' in their respective contexts :D

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