Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Connect Nokia or Any other Phone to a Computer or a Laptop

Below is some information on how to configure your laptop for use with a GPRS-enabled mobile phone, for Internet access.

On the PC, go to the Networking section of the Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control panel > Network)

  1. Select "Make new connection" (this should start a setup wizard)
  2. Choose "Dial up to Internet"
  3. Choose the "Connect via a Modem" option
  4. Select your mobile from the list of modems displayed
  5. Enter the telephone number to dial as *99# (No area code, and turn off dialing rules)
  6. Select the username and password for your Network Operator (GPRS settings here, first try leaving this blank)
  7. When complete, go to Control panel > networks, and double-click on the icon for your GPRS connection and click dial

NOTE :- If your phone is not listed as a modem install the proper drivers before continuing

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