Friday, March 19, 2010

Harder When You Learn More

I remember after I hacked away my first server I thought that I was pretty much the sh*t.  Over the past months I’ve been learning more about hacking and programming just not really programming much.  I’ve started to look more into ‘proper’ coding techniques.   After learning more about OOP and optimization I now approach all my projects with a different mind set.  Something clicked today that made me realize that this year doing things ‘by the book’ is holding me back.  A quick example would be the first project I worked on… when I first started it I wasn’t worried as much about my coding style and I was actually progressing quickly but then over time I started to doubt that my code would be good enough for a commercial product so I stopped.

As most programmers know the more you learn the harder things get, I’m finding this to be true.  The more I learn about how I “should” code the less fun coding gets.

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